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The Producing Strategy

  The Producing Strategy, by broadcast veterans Larry Rickel and Ed Sardella, helps you build your own strategy to compete in a world where news has become the background music of life. They invite you to break down your news "process" and challenge you to re-examine how you gather news, produce stories and exceed your viewers' expectations.

Producing customer-centered journalism, you will tell meaningful and memorable stories ... stories your customers will talk about long after they turn off their televisions. You will learn how to establish a living culture that encourages everyone in the storytelling chain to participate as producers, thinking about your customers during every stage of storytelling, from assigning, to news gathering, to writing and anchoring.

This innovative, outside-the-box approach to news is for everyone, including those who study television news or work in a newsroom every day. You will explore exciting concepts, but more importantly, you will understand the thinking and customer benefit behind each idea.