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Client Image Consulting

News, Marketing & New Media Consulting

Sales Consulting

Client Resources

  The Broadcast Image Group is a hands-on communications consulting firm committed to providing clients customized solutions in the context of a changing business environment.
The Broadcast Image Group provides realistic, actionable recommendations and strategies across multiple platforms including television, broadband, wireless and new media.

  Newscast Formats
  Franchise Units
  Station Graphics & Set Design
  Product Critique of Newscasts, Promotion & New Media
  Two-way Phone Critiques
  Instant Email Critiques
  Rating Period & Forced Viewer Sampling Strategies
  Special Event Coverage Strategies
  On-Air, Producer & Management Recruiting
  Resource Support
  Talent & Appearance Coaching
  On-Site Editorial, Production & Management Workshops
  Value Added Sales Product
  Incremental Revenue Strategies
  Diary & Meter Rating Workshops
  Diary to Meter Conversion Workshops
  On-Line Story Ideas Database & Support Material
  Market Specific Instant Brainstorms
  Planning Documents & Examples
  Product Development Concept Examples
  Market Airchecks
  Vendor & Syndicator Database & Examples