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Examples of Impact Players Workshops

  Keeping the best and brightest people means growing and developing the best and brightest people. At The Broadcast Image Group, we believe continuing education and training are critical components to developing and maintaining a winning team.

All continuing education and training should be motivational, interactive and actionable. We design and customize all of our workshops around smart solutions that can be immediately implemented.

The Producing SchoolSM workshops can be conducted at your facility or at The Broadcast Image Group. The Producing SchoolSM at The Broadcast Image Group develops customized Impact Players Workshops® tailored to your specific management, editorial and production goals. In addition, we monitor the progress and development of all workshop participants.

Many of The Producing SchoolSM workshops incorporate The Producing Strategy workbook as a teaching tool.
  The Culture of The Producing Strategy
  Memorable Storytelling
  ContentCasting: Understanding Your Customers in a 4 Screen World
  Turning Teases into Sells
  Promotion that Sells – Delivering Specific Content Promises
  Producing Editorial Meetings
  Assigning Producer Planning
  Turning “Was-casts” into “Now-casts”
  Updating Late News Content
  Producing Customer-Focused Morning Newscasts
  Compelling Weather Storytelling
  Compelling Traffic Storytelling
  Producing Meter Savvy Newscasts
  Diary to Passive Meter Conversions
  Passive Meters to People Meter Conversions
  Building Teams for Success
  Turning News Managers into News Leaders